Rock Star

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Rockstar: $2350

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Presenting the all-new 2014 Rockstar – our best full-on play boating design yet! Built shorter and lighter for improved performance and ease of use, the 2014 Rockstar is the new standard in comfortable, easy to use, top end playboat design. EJ and Dave Knight have tweaked the original Rockstar for better cartwheel balance, quicker edge to edge responsiveness, and easier lift-off on even the smallest of waves. The bow is much slicier while the raised sidewall of the mid-section adds retentiveness when landing and stability when vertical. With improved ergonomics, enhanced hull support and stiffer outfitting this 2014 Rockstar is more comfortable, easier to throw around and takes less effort to lift off than any boat we’ve ever made. Oh – and it’s easier to roll too! 

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